If you’re interested in a design that’s all your own, then you can custom design your own hoodies online or in-store with Kitz UK of Dorset. Checkout these light-hearted and unique tips that will help you create the best possible personalized hoodies that everyone will like!

Pick the Right Colours

When designing your own garment, it’s important that the text or images printed on the piece are visible. When you choose Kitz UK to design your own personalized hoodies online, you will be able to select not just the base colour, but also the colour of numbers and text. Though colours that compliment each other are always great, you can never go wrong when you pick white printing on darker colours or black printing on lighter colours. It makes your custom hoody more visible.

Choose Your Own Art

Whether it’s a leavers hoodie, or another custom hoodie, you’ll want your design to be unique, and there’s no better way to do that than by using your own art. You can use your art on the front, back, or chest area. You’ll be able to keep your design as complex or simple as you’d like, and in the end, you’ll have your own unique custom hoodie.

Think About Adding Your Name

There isn’t a better way to make your hoodie uniquely yours than by adding your name to it. Kitz UK offers several ways that you can do this. You can make your name small or large and choose from a wide range of colours and fonts. You can locate your name on the left chest of the hoodie for subtlety, or you can have it across the back of your custom-made hoodies to make a bolder statement!

Kitz UK is one of the UK’s leading provider of personalized hoodies, so if you have always wanted a hoodie that is completely unique, give us a call on 01963 251645 or drop by our Sherborne store today to get started. We provide high-quality materials, fast service, and plenty of customization options.