The Benefits of Printing

Ideal for larger designs

If your garment customization is large, then print will be the best option for you. Print is great for promotional events, charity fundraising activities or events such as hen and stag parties – anywhere you want your garments to make a statement.

Good for more intricate designs

If you’re artwork is fairly intricate, for example a photograph involving lots of detail and colour, or a hand drawn design, print will be the best choice for you. Our printers are very developed and therefore have the ability to produce high quality, colourful customizations that are great for complicated designs.

Benefits of Embroidery

Highly Durable

Traditionally embroidery is more durable than print, so the embroidery should last the lifetime of the garment. Therefore, if you want to customize a garment that will be used regularly such as work wear or team wear, and your design isn’t overly large, then embroidery will be an ideal choice for you.

High Quality Finish

Many of our customers tend to select embroidery when creating work uniforms as it provides a smart and professional finish to your garment.

At Kitz UK in Malvern, we can help you create a professional and eye catching kit that will make you look the part on the pitch! Kits can be printed or embroidered with numbers, sponsor’s logos, team names/player names and club badges. Get in touch with us today for a quote and helpful advice.