//Your Guide To Cricket Equipment Essentials

Your Guide To Cricket Equipment Essentials

Not many sports men and women are as picky about their kit and equipment as cricketers are. Whether it’s bats, gloves, pads or the cricket bag itself, cricket players will take care to choose exactly the correct item for that suits both their physical size and style of play. If you’re on the lookout for cricket equipment in Malvern, then here are a few essentials you’ll need to look for:

Cricket Helmets

All of the cricket helmets we have in stock at Kitz UK have passed the required safety tests, so choosing a helmet really comes down to comfort and budget. Most the helmets available in our Malvern store have some adjustments to make them more comfortable. By adjusting the helmet settings, the grille can also be positioned to stop a cricket ball passing under the visor whilst still providing excellent visibility.

Cricket Pads

The optimal way to choose your cricket pad size is to make sure your knee is lined up right in the middle of the knee roll and then double check that the top of the pads are not obstructing your hands when you’re in your batting stance.

Abdominal Gaurd

More commonly known as a box, an abdominal guard offers protection to the groin area and as a result, can be the subject of many a funny dressing room joke! But that should not take away from the fact that a cricket box is a very important piece of protection. Never go out to bat without wearing one and you shouldn’t expect to borrow one off a team mate either!

Cricket Gloves

Remember, gloves come in both left and right handed pairs and a good fit is vital to your comfort and performance. The gloves should feel reasonably tight, because the looser the fit the less effective the protection is!

For all your cricket equipment needs in Worcester, be sure to visit Kitz UK! You can give us a call on 01684 892439, or pop into our Malvern Link showroom today!

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